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  • Working in development aid in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Haiti, Tajikistan, and Tanzania
  • Using Software WINPACCS for Caritas, Ipso, and Welthungerhilfe
  • Installation and organisation of administration, structure, software DATEV and WINPACCS
  • CFO of Ipso gGmbH in Germany


Under my responsibility 

  • Selection and introduction of the financial software DATEV for Germany with customizing of the chart of accounts and the cost units/accounts
  • Selection and introduction of the project software WINPACCS for projects abroad with chart of accounts, cost units/accounts and project internal structure
  • Consolidation of both systems in WINPACCS for the reporting to donors and management board
  • Introduction and monitoring of the regulations for placement of orders
  • Employment of finance staff for the projects on site and training of WINPACCS accounting and cost control
  • Monthly preparation of the finance report for each projects
  • First installation and handling of the project administration on site in Afghanistan and Haiti as well as in the Germany offices in Konstanz and Berlin
  • Budget planning, controlling and finance reporting for projects with a contract volume of over 5 million EUR
  • Staff responsibility for 250 employees
  • Review and reconciliation of tax matters and freelance consultants with the tax authorities
  • Fund requests to all donors and money transfer to the different projects
  • Support in the preparation of the balance sheet for the Ipso gGmbH
  • Preparation of business reports as CFO
  • Monthly summary and revision of all projects for the management and the advisory board